Poem: Voyage to India: Thanks, Raf

Since my uncle, Raf Robertson, died in December 2015, I have not publicly shared any tributes to him. My grief surrounding his death has been personal. In honor of World Poetry Day, I decided to share a poem from my notebook and as I was reading through it, remembered that I had written many poems in … Continue reading Poem: Voyage to India: Thanks, Raf


Mosley & the Crime of Color

I started 2017 reading Walter Mosley’s decade-old publication, Fortunate Son. Mosley is a mystery writer of note having authored the famous Easy Rawlins series. While prolific, Mosley’s experiments outside of mystery have achieved “mixed success” as Diane Scharper noted in her Baltimore Sun review of the novel. Admittedly, the first few chapters filled me with … Continue reading Mosley & the Crime of Color